Where’s the Water?

Some fishermen having been wondering where the water went, was hydro pinching it?  Reality is that hydro can only use what is released by Flood Prevention and they are obliged to release enough to keep the river looking like a river (compensation flow).  The water didn’t go anywhere, it simply didn’t arrive.

The met office publishes a considerable amount of historical weather information using the average of recordings from 1961-1990. Compared with the met base August this year was approx. 60% of average, September was approx. 30% and October approx. 30%. We don’t yet have November figures but in the last week we have had enough water to generate, at the very low rate of 18kWh, for several 24 hour periods rather than the 10hr daytime periods previously possible.

Water, Water . . .

Unlike the Ancient Mariner who said ‘Water, water everywhere …..’ we only have the proverbial drop. Rainfall in this part of the country was very low through August and September leaving both Harlaw and Threipmuir Reservoirs unusually short of water. Only a minimal compensation flow is available, enough for low level generation during part of the day.

DECC Consultation on FiT

DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) published a consultation on a review of the FiT (Feed in Tariff) Scheme on 27th August.  Significant changes may be made to the FiT.  Click here to see the consultation papers.

Society members at the AGM were urged to read the consultation paper and to respond. To respond to the consultation, go to DECC’s website Consultation on a review of the Feed-in Tariffs scheme.

This consultation closes on the 23rd October 2015.

The Kilowatts are Flowing Bring on the Rain!!

Today we moved from testing to running 24/7.  CEC have closed the upper penstock so all water flow is now through the turbine.

However the reservoirs are so low that only the basic compensation flow is available for use, only just enough to allow electricity generation.  What’s needed now is more rain.

A formal opening of the scheme by Fergus Ewing MSP is being planned for 1st September and before that we expect to complete the civils work and tidy up the site.

What to do with the Old Wheel

Long before we were worrying about planning permission, a lease or a grid connection water was generating electricity at Harlaw Reservoir.  Circa 1900 there was a water wheel in action powering the lights in the water bailiff’s house.  The remnants of that water wheel have been salvaged but what now?

If someone, or a group, can do something with them please make contact.

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Slow Progress

We are still progressing, but a couple of unexpected obstacles have had to be dealt with.  Alignment of the inlet pipe with the turbine was not good enough and has required some re-modelling and re-alignment, this is in hand.  The major delay however relates to our generator which was damaged in transit; a new generator is being supplied but will not be available until late June.

Looks Good

Looks Good

Nearly but not quite

Nearly but not quite

More Progress

In the last couple of months there has been progress in several areas, not as much as had been expected but progress nonetheless.  We now have the turbine and draft tube in place and the pipework lined up with it.  Grouting in the turbine and casting the third and final thrust block are on course to happen this week.  As soon as we have a credible completion date you will read it here.

The turbine in position and connected to the inlet pipework.

The turbine in position and connected to the inlet pipework.