Equipment Ordered

A big step forward . . . we’ve ordered the turbine!!

Negotiations with the City of Edinburgh engineers took longer than expected, but following an amicable meeting on Friday 7th confirmation that CEC Estates have been formally asked to proceed with legal process of putting the site lease into action has been received.  This was the news the Board had been waiting for, accordingly the contract to supply the turbine, generator and the control system was signed on Tuesday 11th. There is still much to do but if all goes to plan we will be generating electricity in October this year.

Equipment Selection

Another landmark approaches.  Having analysed the water flow information and considered all the options our design engineers, Adrian Laycock Ltd, have recommended the turbine, generator and controls best suited to our scheme.  The technical team have reviewed and accepted the recommendations and expect to be able to place an order early in the new year.

Detailed Design

Following a meeting with the City’s flood prevention team and the Panel Engineer responsible for approving any changes and ensuring the integrity of the dam it became clear that a detailed design of the hydrology is needed to obtain their approval. Accordingly the hydrology design has been separated from the main contract and we will shortly be commissioning a design engineer to undertake this work.

Tender Review

Key to a successful project is a good tender.  The tender has been drafted and has been through a first review.  One of the strengths of the cooperative (Industrial Provident Society) structure is its membership and some of our members, with proven engineering and contract knowledge, have joined the team reviewing tender.