About Us

In 2012 Harlaw Hydro Ltd (2759 RS) was established as an Industrial and Provident Society, for the Benefit of the Community, for the specific purpose of owning and operating a micro-Hydro scheme.

Harlaw Hydro Ltd will generate revenue by selling ‘green’ hydro-electricity. The income generated will allow Harlaw Hydro Ltd to contribute to other projects and initiatives within the local area through the Balerno Village Trust.

While there will be a reasonable return on investment, Harlaw Hydro Ltd should be seen principally as a social investment rather than a commercial one.

Our members raised £403,000, through a share offering, to fund a community hydro scheme at Harlaw Reservoir.


BVT consulted with the City of Edinburgh Council to install a small hydroelectric generator at the outflow of Harlaw reservoir.

1.11.09 – Funding for Feasibility Study Confirmed: Balerno Village Trust (BVT) were pleased to announce that Community Energy Scotland had awarded £6,000 to 5 local communities for a micro-hydro feasibility study on the Water of Leith. This initial pilot study includes Harlaw (through BVT), Redbraes (through Greener Leith), Mossy Mill (CEC), Harperig (through Kirknewton Development Trust) and Dean Village.

These 5 sites were analysed for their generation potential but at this stage only the Harlaw site was deemed to be commercially viable. The turbine will not power Balerno but it should provide a small income by selling green energy to the Grid that can then be invested in further community developments.

The project could also play an exciting role as a demonstration and educational resource for local schools and colleges and the general public. Historically the Water of Leith has been used to power mills built during the Industrial Revolution. It thus seems fitting to re-harness that power potential to provide valuable green energy today.