First Share Issue Completed

The first share issue has now been completed and certificates are either with the relevant members or are in the post.  This issue relates only to the applications that are expected to be eligible for the government’s SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme).  Once the requirements of SEIS have been fulfilled the remaining shares will be issued, likely to be in the late autumn.


  1. David Gibson 25 June 2013 9.36pm Reply

    Does this mean remaining share applications up to £313,000 target will not be eligible for SEIS tax relief?

    • Harlaw Hydro 26 June 2013 10.35am Reply

      SEIS tax relief is only available for investment up to £150,000 on any given project. However tax relief through EIS is expected for the later investors; this is still generous at 30% of the sum invested. For more detail check the website but for the ultimate authority on the matter go to HMRC website

  2. David Gibson 26 June 2013 10.45am Reply

    Ok, thanks for the clarification.

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