Golden Spade event at Harlaw Reservoir

The sun peeked out and we had a dry day for our Golden Spade event up at Harlaw Reservoir on Wednesday 3rd September. Around 50 people came along; a mixture of shareholders, BVT and HH Directors, the new BVT staff and several professionals from CEC and other organisations who have supported our efforts on this project for the last 5 years. Thank you for coming along!

The Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Cllr Donald Wilson, came to officially cut the first sods that signal the start of work this week up at the reservoir. We also had the fantastic P3s from Dean Park Primary School to entertain and impress, led by the ever able Mrs Pamela Watson (they feature at the start of the video- link below). Definitely added a lovely touch to the whole event.

This is the start of our building phase. Cllr Wilson is especially keen on our project as he was part of the team who originally pushed for a City of Edinburgh Council assessment of the hydro potential of the Water of Leith. Now, almost 7 years later, the community that sits closest to the most viable option up at Harlaw are making it happen. It feels good!

The Technical team are still at the helm of this project. The work for us now ramps up a gear as we keep all the plates spinning on the build (we have engaged a Clerk of Works to manage the on-site developments), the connection to the Grid and any other issues that arise as we go along.

We will post up photos of progress as we go along,

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