Water water everywhere but Harlaw

Those who have been watching the power meter will realise that we are only just generating electricity at the moment.  Match the captions!

  1. Harlaw + Water April 2016
  2. Harlaw – Water November 2018
  3. The ‘beach’ at Threipmuir November 2018
  4. High and dry inlet to the Harlaw Upper Tower
  5. High on the left is the concrete V at the overflow.
  6. Who said the fishing season is over?
  7. Upper Harlaw sans water.

Low water is not only unsightly and poor for electricity generation it also most importantly is dangerous.  Low water exposes parts of the bank which may shelve quickly, as in Harlaw, and exposes very fine and soft silt, as in Threipmuir.  A number of people, walkers and fishermen, have sunk into the soft, muddy silt and needed help to get out.  One person went in to rescue her dog and ended up needing to be rescued by the Fire Brigade.


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