Progress Report – Christmas

SJB continues to make good progress with the civil work.  Most of the pipework is in place, along with two thrust blocks which will ensure the pipes stay in place when the water is turned on.

The concrete for the turbine chamber has been poured and three drains have been laid to make sure ground water doesn’t build up behind the structures.

Concrete is a major and vital constituent of the construction but supply has been very difficult; concrete has never been available when required nor in the quantity required.  However the quality of work appears to be excellent and only one more major concrete pour is still to come.  If all goes to plan electricity will be generating in March, but there is plenty of work to be done before then.


The Shuttering in place – all we need is concrete


First thrust block complete and the chamber for the release valve poured.

The two thrust blocks plus 600mm pipe

Concrete being poured for the turbine chamber.

IMG_1898The turbine chamber


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  1. Robert Alexander McRae 14 January 2015 3.40pm Reply

    Well done! Great to see such progress insuch ashortperiod of time

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